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Radiation Curable Hyperbranched Polyester Acrylates
Hyperbranched materials are a subclass of dendrific materials that are rapidly becoming viable and attractive for use in industrial applications. The highly branched 3-dimensional morphology of hyperbranched materials in is structurally quite different from the linear or lightly branched oligomers tipically used in radiation cure systems.
Process Design of UV Coatings: PTE Diagrams
UV cured coatings are changing their Physical state from liquid to solid during a fast room temperature curing reaction.
Print-Applied UV-Curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Industrial Graphics Requiring High Temperature
The use of printable  sensitive adhesives (PSAs) has been increasing in industrial graphic applications. These applications include durable labels, nameplates, membrane switches, and graphic overlays.
Preparation and Characterization of Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Nanostructured UV-Cured Coatings
Today, multifunctionality in a coating is essential; in fact coatings do not only provide a certain protection towards the environment or optical appearance to a surface, but  they should also provide additional functions the environment or optical appearence to a surface, but they should provide additional functions as low abrasion, high chem
Polymeric Molecules for Use as Photoinitiators for UV Curing of Acrylates
Lambson have active in examining the potential for using oligomeric photoinitiators to overcome migration issues since 1993 when research programmes were established with Professor R.S. Davidson an co-workers at Kent University and subsequently in Lambson's own labatories.
Photorheometry: A Tool for Characterizing High-Performance Adhesives and Coatings
Photorheometry allows one to monitor typical rheoligal properties such as viscosity and shear modulus while a coating or adhesive is irradiated with UV or visible light.
Photopolymerization in the Presence of Ionic Liquids
For the first time the kinetics of the photopolymerization in the precence of ionic liquids was studied. Systems containing monomers of various functionality and various amounts of ILs were investigated to find the influence of the presence and structure of the ILs on the polymerization kinetics.
Photoinitiators with Bathochromic Shift
Although photopolymerization is a rather old and well established tool, numerous new applications are addled year bu year. Therefore, the development of new tailor made components for radical and cationic systems is still in progress.