RadTech Europe exists to be a focal point in UV/EB technology and to unite players in our industry to further strengthen their market. We want to help everyone understand the true value of UV/EB technology and comprehend its functionality, sustainability and safety.

It is our mission to protect and promote the reputation of UV/EB technology through objective and transparent knowledge sharing. We are here to facilitate discussion and collaboration between the different market players throughout the value chain. 

Our core values


We believe the only way to promote the technology's reputation is to do so by sharing objective, clarifying, reliable and transparent information on its' functionality, sustainability and safety. We share both the technology's potential as well as its restrictions.


We provide space to find each other - in similarities as well as different points of views. We welcome both existing and new markets to explore the possibilities the technology has to offer, and to create futureproof innovation together.


We follow scientific progression in regards to UV/EB technology with great interest and constantly explore new markets and opportunities our technology can provide value to.


We welcome everyone to participate in the discussion, to ask for our referencing advice and to join the association's mission. Our inclusive approach can be seen and felt in our entire mission: we want to support the interests of all parties throughout the UV/EB curing supply chain.

How it all started

Established in May 1988 in Basel, Switzerland, RadTech Europe (RTE) sprang from the success of three European Radcure Conferences held in Switzerland and Germany between 1983-1987, meeting the industry demand for conferences, seminars and publications. Registered as a non-profit organisation in Brussels, RTE has operated with its head office in The Hague, The Netherlands since 1999 under the management of Lejeune Association Management.