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Environment And Radiation Curing
"Environment" became a keyword all over the world. What does this wordmean? Let us try to define thistermbefore discussing apossibleinfluence of the radiating curing technology on the environment.First of all, the environment is the sum of all naturalconditions,such as air, water, land, in which people, animals and plants live. Themore the world po
The Growth Of A Company With Electron Beam Technology
In 1987, at Douglas-Hanson, we found ourselves struggling with the sameproblems confronting the biggest companies -- our products needed to be differentiated. Somehow we had to find a way to add value to our offerings ifwe were to gain a compelitive edge and spur the company's growth.Fortunately, at that precise point three critical factors converg
High Speed Printing And Uvc Of 3-Dimensional Plastic Containers
    Radiation curing has long since conquered the packaging industry.Plastic and metal lids are decorated by the letterset (dry offset) printing process anddried with IA or cured by UV radiation.Plastic squeeze tubes, rigid tubes and vials are printed, overvarnished and dried orcured by radiation.Plastic cups and tubes are decor
Developments in EC Regulations for Products
Over these past two decades four Community actionprogrammes on the environment have given rise to about200 pieces of legislation covering pollution of theatmosphere, water and soil, waste management, safeguardsin relation to chemicals and biotechnology, productstandards, environmental, impact assessments andprotection of flora and fauna.However, th
The Rhodotron Project: A Progress Report
In December 91, IBA signed an exclusivity agreement with the French AtomicAgency (CEA, Commissariat a l'Energie. Atomique) to cooperate in thedevelopment and industrialization of a new type of OW electron accelerator, calledthe Rhodotron. The concept of acceleration for this machine was patented in 1989and allowsthe production of a simple, compact
Photocrosslinking Process and its Industrial Application for the Production of Thin Wall Insulated Wires
Polyethylene (PE) is the thermoplastic material produced in the largestquantities in the world. There has been considerable interest inconverting PE to a thermosetting material by crosslinking methods, inorder to combine its low cost, easy processing and good properties withdimensional stability. It is well known that a modest crosslinking of PEcan
Vinyl Ethers: Key Monomers For Radiation Curable Coatings
This paper describes the use of reactive vinyl ethers as key components in radiationcurable coatings and includes newly developed concepts for formulations, along withproperties of these systems. Vinyl ethers -- derived from the reaction of an alcohol withacetylene -- are exceptionally reactive compounds with unique potential for use inradiation cu
New Excimer UV Sources for UV Curing
There are many UV sources with different properties commercially available on themarket: hydrogen, deuterium or spectral lamps of very weakintensity at the oneside up to high intensity sources like lasers atthe otherside; Sincethe intensity ofthe low intensity lamps is most often far too weak for many applications, industrialarrangements would beco