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Advances in Two-Photon Photoinitiators and 3D Microfabrication
Mu!ti-photon three-dimensional micro- and nanofabrication (3DM) is a powerful technique for creating complex 3D microscale structures of the type needed for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), micro-optics, and microfluidics. In 3DM high peak-power laser pulses are tightly focused into a medium which undergoes a physical or chemical change foll
Multi-Criteria Decision Support for Integrated Technique assessment
The European Directive on the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC 96/61/EG) calls for a cross media impact assessment of environmentally relevant installations. Thus, the concept of Integrated Technique Assessment, based on detailed mass and energy balances and a multi-criteria analysis, can be adapted to the determination of Best Ava
New additive Chemistry for Improved Pigment Suspension Control in Non-Aqueous UV Cured High Performance Coatings
With steady growth of radiation Cured systems for high performance industrial coatings, new challenges constantly arise that require innovative solutions. Obtaining desired sag control and pigment suspension often requires sacrificing coating performance for acceptable spray or roll coat viscosity by varying oligomer to monàmer ratios. Additives fo
Structural and Residual Stress Analysis of UV Curable Hyperbranched Acrylates
Polymerization shrinkage is a well known problem common to all crosslinked polymers 1], oftenleading to residual stresses in case conversion gradients develop during cure, and in case the polymer is in contact with a rigid material (such as the substrate of a thin film, the reinforcement in a composite, or the encapsulation of an electronic compone
Investigation of Photoinitiator Reactivity: the Cleavage Process
A deep investigation of the photochemical and chemical reactivity of photoinitiating systems (PIS) of polymerisation reactions is presented. Time resolved absorption spectroscopy in the picosecond time scale and laser induced photoacoustic spectroscopy were used to obtain data on the kinetics and the thermodynamics of the cleavage process of 2-hydr
Novel Waterborne UV Curing Acrylic Dispersions for High Performance Kitchenand Furniture Coatings
Even though still a lot of solvent-borne coatings systems are being used for industrial wood-coatings (table 1)1 , environmental concerns about the use of solvent-borne wood coatings are causing a technology shift to VOC compliant binder technologies. Radiation curing coatings based on acrylic oligomers and monomers or unsaturated polyester diluted
Furthure Covalently Bonded Photoinitiators
Photoinitiators (Pt) are the key component in UV curable formulations. Usual drawbacks of thiscomponent are the limited quantum yield and the limited spectral range of light which leads to the excited triplet state and thus radical formation. To increase triplet state excitation, photosensitizers (PS) are added to PIs in radiation curable 1 As demo
UV-Printing Inks in Food Contact Materials - Migration and Set-off
Due to the numerous advantages of UV-printings different new applications were developed, for example also in the area of food contact materials. For these materials strong reglementations concerning human health exist. In this connection the recently adopted EU-frame regulation 1935/2004 must be fulfilled. The central point in this regulation is t