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UV Film Technology as an Alternative to Conventional Coating Application
Traditionally the application of radiation curable formulations is done by roller coating, spray coating, curtain coating, etc. directly onto the substrate to be coated.
UV Curing and Matting of Nano/Micro Composite Materials
For UV-curable acrylate coatings reinforced by silica nanoparticles, the effect of type of photoinitiator, photoinitiator content, and curing atmosphere on surface hardness had been studied.
UV Curable Polyurethane Dispersions: a VOC Compliant High Performance Solution for Indoor and Outdoor Wood
Stringent European regulations for chemicals and VOCs together with to improve the lifetime, reduce the maintenance and keep the aesthetic appearance of wood are still a challange for the furniture and joinery industry today.
UV Coil Coating - Importance of Thermal Treatment
Radiation curing is technology well suited for the coil coating process, offering high speed and energy efficient curing of solvent free formulations. Adding a radiation curd, third layer to a standard precoating systemimproves the overall mechanical durability.
Using a New Approach to Analyze A Depth Profile of Double Bond Conversion in Model Formulations
A new approach of analyzing the depth profile of double bond conversion as a function of film depth had been discussed. By using a combination of statistical calculation and traditional FTIR, a new approach to analyze the depth profile of conversion "layer by layer"in the characterization of photopolymerization was explored.
Use of Remote Curing for Probing the Effects of Humidity on the Cationic Curing of Epoxides
The application of cationic curing in radiation curing has experiences mixed fortunes and many would say that it has never attained its full potential.
Urethane Acrylates from Dimer acid Based Derivatives
Urethane acrylates as oligomers for UV coatings exhibit excellent properties that combine toughness and chemical resistance with flexibility and for aliphatic types also improve weartherability.
The UV.EB European Market: Opportunities and Worries
The new Reach registration process has recently entered in our world  without giving the feeling that an important change had come when we consider all chemical substances, compounds and applications.