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The Use of Amine Synergists for Low Odor and Low Migration Applications
Amine synergists ar a key in the puzzle of formulating varnishes and inks for low odor and migration.
The New Frontier: Waterborne UV Coatings for Plastics
Waterborne UV coating systems have been well astablished in wood and furniture production over the last decade. High productivity, extremely low VOC and excellent quality, especially in spray coating applications, were the reasons for that succes story.
The Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive
During the 1970s and 1980s, the European Inion started to develop environmental legislation (partly on the basis that a common market required a level playing field, and partly because the union started to develop politico-social policies beyond trade, such as improving the environment for its citizens.
The Effect of UV Powder Functionality on the Network Formation
Radiation curable powder paints are a good alternative to the traditional wood varnishes and semi crystalline urethane acrylates had also a good equilibrium between flow and powder storage stability.
The Characteristics of Whiteboard Produced by EB Radiation Curing in Continuos Coil Coating Line
A whiteboard had been commercially developed by electron beam (EB) radiation curing in continous coil coating line. The whiteboard are characterized by high hardness and abrasion resistance, and excellent eraserbility against merker pen.
The Behaviour of Barton Esters as Radical Photoinitiators
Barton esters derivatives such as O-acyl derivatives of N- hydroxypyridine-2 thiones and O-acyl derivatives of N-hydroxythiazoline-2 thiones were tested in photopolymerization reactions through Infra Red spectroscopy.
Synthesis and Evaluation of Eosin-based Photoinitiators with Improved Migration Stability
UV-VIS curing acrylate based formulations is a well established techniques, nevertheless research and development is still in progress since numerous applications are added regularly.
Synergy or Enemy - a Basic Dilemma
Applications are more or less demanding for formulations. More resistance, speed, gloss, flexibility, wetting and adhesions; but less, odour, extractabl, yellowing, migration, and colour.