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Photoinitiator-Free Daylight Curing of Maleimide Functional Coatings
In Car Refinnish bodyshops daylight bulbs/UV-A lamps are preferred for obvious safety reasons. These light sources do not expose dangerous irrediation. Recently, a robust daylight curing clearcoat based on isocyanate/thiol chemistry had been launched on the market.
Photochemical Reaction and Physical Property of Certain Novel Dendritic Polymers with Methacryloyl Groups
The Synthesis and photochemical reaction of certain novel dentritic polymers containing methacryloyl groups were examined.
Organometallic Complexes as Initiators for UV Printing Inks
Several arene-iron complexes were tested as photoinitiators for cationic polymerization. The UV light decomposes arene-iconcyclopentadienyl cation selectively to the corresponding aromatic compound and iron cyclopentadiene cation.
Organoclay-Epoxidized Oil Acrylate UV Curable Coatings
Organoclay were prepared by cationic exchange process between  Na+ions of montmorillonite in bentonite clay and two types of alkyl amines
Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Coatings Based on Sol-Gel Chemistry and Photopolymerization Process
The improved or unusual features of organic-inorgannic hybrid materials are today well established. They allow the development of innovative industrial applications in mary areas: optics, electronics, biology, medicine...
Novel Photolatent Amines: Expanding the Scope of Photolatent Base Technology
Radiation curing is a well established technology that has enabled a wide variety of applications in coatings, graphic arts and electronic materials. Most applications rely on radically curable formulation, since this process allows a very fast transformation of a liquid high-solid formulation into a cured material at ambient temperature.
Novel Electron Transfer Photoinitiators for Free Radicals Polymerization
Schuster an co-workers discovered that 1.4-disyanonaphthalene solutions containing an alkyltriphenylborate salt, when irradiated, yield one electron oxidation of the alkyltriphenylborate leading to carbon-boron bond clravage and formation of free alkyl radicals.
Novel Acrylated Building Blocks for UV Curable Polyurethane Dispersions
Radiation curable polyurethane dispersions have recently shown increasing and market interest as they axhibit high technical performance together with low viscosity and low VOC without the use of solvents or irritant monomers.