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The Growth of UV curable inks and coatings for sheet fed metal packaging
UV curing in Metal decoration• What is flat sheet metal decoration?• Drivers to change• Benefits of UV curing• UV curing in the market• New challenges and future growth
UV cured base rim coatings for beverage cans
Content:1. The Beverage Can2. Manufacture3. Rim Coat (BRC)4. Why Coat the rim?5. Application6. Why UV technology?7. Summary
UV cured coatings for household appliances and decorative panels
This presentation contains more information on AFP-coated stainless steel and the trend for the adoption of AFP stainless. 
Effects of European directives on metal coating application
Content1. Introduction2. EU Directives and the EU paint/ink industry3. Effects of EU Directives on Decorative market4. DecoRad project5. EU Metal Industry and Protective Coatings6. Effects of EU Directives on metal coatings7. Possibilities UV coatings8. Conclusions
OCAS Presentation
An introduction to OCAS, Research centre for the application of steel.
Introduction to Radiation Curing Chemistry and Technology
Content:The European Energy Curing IndustryGlobal and European market overview and segmentationIndustrial and graphic arts highlightsThe basics of UV & EB Curing TechnologyIntroductionWhat is radiation curing?Radiation curing chemistryHow to prepare UV/EB curable formulations?Photo initiatorsUV/EB curing equipmentApplicationsMetal surface tests
Why EB Curing again?
1. Introduction2. Company profile Svedex3. History coating process 1973 - 20094. Strategic importance EB Curing5. New EB Lacquering line6. Future
Web offset for labels and packaging printing
Packaging printing with energy curable inks.