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The secrets of matting 100% radiation curable coatings
Over the last years, there have been many publications and presentations dealing with the subject of matting 100% radiation curable coatings.The following presentation was compiled within the scope of a bachelor paper and deals less with the specific statements about potential matting materials and more with the connections between m
Study the curing and mechanical properties of a pigmented UV curable epoxy acrylate system
In this research the effect of the presence of a micro tio2 pigment on the curing behavior and mechanical properties of a UV curable epoxy system was studied. The formulations contained different acrylate monomers with different structures and functionalities. The results showed that there were significant interactions between pigmen
Structural, morphological and mechanical studies of UV cured organic-inorganic sol-gel based nanocomposite films on polycarbonate
Polycarbonate (PC) is one of the most usable thermoplastic engineering plastics because of its high toughness and transparency. However, low crystallinity of PC makes it low scratch resistant, resulting in reduced clarity during its service life. Use of highly cross-linked thermosetting polymeric coatings such as UV curable resins, i
Speeding up the development of coated textile products
Globalisation and environmental awareness is forcing the textile industry to innovate and to work more cost-effectively. Therefore technologies that can reduce the time-to-market of new products are of tremendous interest of this industry. As a competence centre in highthroughput methodologies, Flamac supports research for the materi
Silicone UV-cure hardcoat technology: A tunable protective coating for plastics
This presentation shows how the use of silicone based UV curing monomers is helpful to propose monocomponent primer-free protective coatings for plastic substrates. Thus, the importance of deep understanding the behaviour of these specific monomers in a formulation in order to reach different properties is stressed out. The balance b
Silica nano particle composites in optically high transparent hybrid UV-curable formulations
This paper explains two different mechanisms of UV-curing: free radical curing and cationic curing.
Relating the Mechanical Properties of UV-cured Coatings to the Molecular Network - A new Approach to predict the Cross-Linking of Coatings
A new approach to simulate the cross-linking reaction of UV-cured coatings and to generate realistic atomistic model structures in dependence of the formulation and the ambient conditions has been developed. With these models, the mechanical properties of UV-cured coatings can be related to the molecular network. At first, an extensi
Real 3D Writing by Two Photon Induced Polymerization
Photo induced polymerization is utilized in stereolithography and rapid prototyping to provide 3D structures with greatly improved resolution in comparison to melt based 3D printing. Traditional stereolithography tends to be limited, however, to the diffraction limit of the light used. Achieving even smaller features is possible, and