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Ultraviolet Light Curable Epoxysilicone Paper Release Coatings
By Richard P. Eckberg and Karen D. Riding, General Electric Co. - RadTech Europe Conference 1989Epoxy—functionalized polydimethylsiloxanes have been developed which, when combined with silicone—miscible iodonium photocatalysts, then coated onto release liners, function as ultraviolet—light—curable release agents for pressure—sensitive adh
Radiation curable coatings for textile substrates
By drs. Anton Luiken, TNO Fibre Research Institute - RadTech Europe Conference 1989In this paper the results of an investigation into the possibilities of coating textile substrates, like polyester and polyamide fabrics, with radiation curable formulations are presented.Flexible coatings are needed due to the nature of the texti
Applications and properties of amine synergists in uv and eb curable coatings
By Dr. N. S. Allen & Dr. C.K. Lo - Manchester Polytechnic - RadTech Europe Conference 1989A number of studies have been carried out to investigate the photo-oxidation and which occur in various multifunctional acrylated systems . The complex formulations of radiation curable resins complicate our understanding of the mechanisms i
kinetic studies of photopolymerisation and photocrosslinking of difunctional allylic and acrylic monomers
By Ignazio Renato Bellobono, Department of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, University of Milan - RadTech Europe Conference 1989Some recent results obtained in photopolymerisation and photocross—linking of difunctional allylic and acrylic model monomers are presented.These studies concern: i) some kinetic features of photo—chemica
Characterization of unreacted residues in UV and EB varnishes
By S. Peeters, RadCure Specialties - RadTech Europe Conference 1989Purity and the possibility of making UV and EB coatings with very low levels of extractables is becoming more and more important. The influence of the photoinitiator systems and the structure of the products on the purity of the UV-coatings was studied. It was shown that v
urethane acrylates: expansion of radiation curable epoxy acrylate coatings
By Henry C. Miller, Sartomer - RadTech Europe Conference 1989Urethane and epoxy acrylate resins have been the backbone of radiation and electron beam cure coatings for over twenty years. Aromatic urethane acrylates have beendeveloped that bridge the epoxy acrylate properties. Liquid color, thermal storage stability, solvent resistanc
Concurrent cationic/free radical polymerization of vinyl ethers with acrylate functional oligomers
By F. J. Vara and J.A. Dougherty, GAF Chemical Corp. - RadTech Europe Conference 1989An alternative to the use of acrylate monomer diluents is described. The use of vinyl ethers as diluents for acrylato oligomers in the concurrent cationic/free radical polymerization is demonstrated. Both urethane acrylate and epoxy oligome
UV curable pigmented systems: available photoinitiators and current trends
By Giuseppe Li Bassi, Fratelli Lamberti S.p.A.Pigmented coatings and filled or reinforced plastic systems are very widely used for functional and decorative purposes. The possibility to enter these fields with 1W curing technology offers many practical advantages.The proper choice of the photoinitiators combination which meets the&nb