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An overview of the role of UV-curing in imaging
By Averil Horton, Cookson Group plc - RadTech Europe Conference 1989The aim of this paper is to provide some insight into the role of radiation curing in imaging. This requires an understanding of the basic concepts of imaging which are selective exposure, positive and negative systems, image and non—image areas, and developitent.The
Study on the EB cured resin stamper for embossed hologram
By Y.Inaba and S.Okano, Technical Research Institute Toppan Printing Co. - RadTech Europe Conference 1989Electoron beam curing technique has been studied in manufacturing resin stampers for embossed holograms. Several EB curable resins were tested and evaluated from measuring diffraction efficiencies of holograms embossed with these
New microwave energized uv systems
By R. W. Stowe, Fusion UV Curing Systems, RadTech Europe Conference 1989The number and variety of applications for UV curable adhesives, coatings and inks have been increasing at a rapid pace. 'New demands on lamp systems arise from requirements for higher speeds, higher efficiency and special configurations for complex par
Furniture Finishing with Radiation Curable Coatings - The "Eastern European Style"
By Peter G. Garratt, Reichhold Chemie GmbH - RadTech Europe 1989Although the furniture industry in Eastern Europe has not yet reached full maturity, neither technically nor capacity-wise, the ultra-violet curing technology has become firmly implanted in furniture finishing processes in the Soviet Union and various other COMECON count
Direct and indirect methods for the Characterization of photoinitiator efficiency
By J.Ohngemach, M. Koehler, G. Wehner, E. Merck - RadTech Europe Conference 1989This paper presents the results of an in-depth investigation of the reactivity of photocurable systems consisting of acrylated monomomers/oligomers and photoinitiators by using Photo Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Photo-DSC) . Thus, photoreactivi
An evaluation of different photopolymerizable systems with particular reference to their water dispersions
By R. Cavalieri, S. Farronato, C. Settin, Hoechst Sara S.p.A. - RadTech Europe Conference 1989The current state of UV curing technology is taken into account, particularly from the stand point of energy cost and pollution. As an ideal end—point, some unsaturated, UV curable binders in aqueous dispersion, are proposed and a speci
overview and trends in radiation curing technology 1989
By Ronald Golden, Radcure Specialties, Inc. - RadTech Europe Conference 1989 A brief summary of both free radical and cationic radiation curing chemistry is provided. Historical reasons for the rapid growth of this technology are reviewed, and a number of recent and emerging applications are discussed.It is shown that the techni
surface modification of plastics to high intensity ultraviolet light
By William R. Schaeffer, Fusion UV Curing Systems - RadTech Europe 1989This paper investigates the use of high intensity ultraviolet energy employed in conjunction with altered spectral output to accomplish surface modification of a plastic to enhance adhesion of an ink or a coating in an efficient, safe and economical