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REACH: review of past activities and outlook until 2013
Items included in this paper: Brief introduction to REACH & CLP2010 submitted dossiers : the story isn’t yet ending …2013 : the next deadline is coming soon!2015 : the challenge for DU’sREACH is still a business issue
Radiometry, how to compare different light sources
Nowadays, in the quality control of UV coatings usually broadband radiometers are applied to monitor lamp power. These meters will be calibrated to only one type of lamp and differ in their sensitivity. Thus, comparison between instruments from different manufacturers is not possible. If the spectrum of the lamp changes or if an
Quick and Easy Way to Characterize Low Voltage (80-125 kV) EB Accelerators Using Fast Check Strips
With the increased use of low voltage electron beam accelerators for curing coatings, inks, laminating adhesives and crosslinking films for packaging applications, there is an increased demand to accurately, quickly and easily measure the required dose delivered to the product. To meet this demand, Energy Sciences collaborated with S
Powder In Mould Coating as a superior finishing solution for SMC in automotive applications
This paper describes the powder in mould coating process (PIMC) in combination with sheet moulding compound (SMC). A powder coating is applied to a preheated mould to pre-gel. SMC is placed into the mould and pressed as one with the PIMC to cure together inside the mould. When the SMC is removed from the mould it comes out coated wit
Photoreactivity adjustment of acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives
Scientific interest in UV crosslinkable systems developed in the 1940s, when the first patent was granted for unsaturated polyester styrene inks that polymerized readily under UV radiation. Basic solvent-based, water-borne or solvent free pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs)—polymers used in self-adhesive tapes, labels and layers—are
Photoinitiator’s byproducts: all that you’ve always wanted to know (and never asked)
In last years Lamberti is betting on a class of photoinitiators called difunctional; three main photoinitiators belong to this class: LFC 1861 (Type I photoinitiator), LFC1001 (Type II photoinitiator) and LFC 2098 (Co-initiator). The several positive characteristics they have, suggested us to improve studies and development of these
Photoelastomers based on thiol-ene polymerization
Diseases of the cardiovascular system are the main reasons for morbidity and mortality in all western countries. The total direct and indirect costs of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and stroke for 2007 are estimated at $286 billion for the USA alone.1 Coronary heart disease (CHD) or ischemic heart disease (IHD) plays the most importa
Oxygen Sensitive Electron Beam Dosimeters for Measuring Web Surface Inerting Efficiency
Low energy (less than 300 kV) electron beam (EB) technology has been used for industrial applications for over 30 years. Well known applications include:- Crosslinking of polyethylene based films for packaging applications- Surface sterilization of food and medical packaging- Crosslinking and curing of adhesives- Curing of surface applied inks