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Heterogeneous Initiation in Photochemical Processes
By M. Koehler, J. Ohngemach, E. Poetsch, E Merck - RadTech Europe Conference 1989 Covalent photoinitiator fixation on silica transfers the photoactivity to the solid surface. The dispersion of the initiator modified material in a monomer solution forms a heterogeneous photopolymerizable system. A microcoating of the particles becomes 
Syntheses and application of water soluble photoactive polymers
By 0. Nuyken, B. Volt, Lehrstuhl für Makromolekulare Chemie I - RadTech Europe Conference 1989The synthesis of water soluble azo compounds and their photochemistry in water and ethanol solution is described. The trans—azosulfonates are perfectly stable up to 200 °C.However, they decompose at room temperature after transformation into
UV Mirror Backing System
By James Graham, PPG Industries - RadTech Europe Conference 1989A new and novel use for a UV curable coating on mirrors is presented, showing its advantages and parameters. The process is commercial in the U.S. and France and is patented in the U.S. with an application pending with the European patent office.
UV/EB Curable Laminating Adhesives
Morris A. Johnson & F. Kurt Willard, Radcure Specialties, Inc - RadTech Europe Conference 1989A variety of UV and EB curable acrylate-functional oligomers and monomers of different types were tested in several formulations to show potential for use in laminating adhesives. Substrates were clear and opaque films of comme
New Product Opportunities through Specific Advantages of Radiation Cure
By H.F. Huber, H.-W. Losensky and H. Muller, HüLS AG - RadTech Europe 1989Radiation cure is generally recognized as an attractive technology to replace physical drying of adhesives, coatings and printing inks.Over and above the mere replacement, however, radiation cure may offer significant advantages, which are more or less specific to p
Correlation Study between chemical structure of monomers and physical properties before, during and after cure.
Robert C W Zwanenburg, Craynor - RadTech Europe Conference 1989A range of 23 different monomers, ranging from monofunctional up to penta/hexafunctional, were studied in model formulations based on a bisphenol A epoxy acrylate oligomer. Three different model formulations have been used:one with constant composition, one with a constant acrylic
Overview of European RadCure Market 1989
By Paul Dufour, RadCure Specialties SA - RadTech Europe Conference 1989This article provides an overview of the European Radiation Curing market in 1989.Index of article1. overview of applications done by radcure technology2. limitations of the technology3. applications to develop4. past events in the european market4.1. raw material shortage4.2. c
Prospectives of the Italian Market for UV-curable Paper and Plastic Drying Finishing
By Gianfranco Marelli, Chimimar - RadTech Europe Conference 1989