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Optimisation of moisture barrier properties using UV/EB curing resins
The use of UV/EB technology in developing applications such as photovoltaic and flat panel displays demands improved properties in key application parameters such as moisture vapour transmission. Molecular weight, acrylate functionality, solubility parameter and resin backbone have all a direct impact on the efficiency of the ba
Novel Photocurable PVB Resin for Glass Lamination
Laminated glasses are generally produced with a time, energy consuming and a complicated process by using polyvinyl butyral (PVB). For economic and energetic reasons, a much more efficient process is needed. Therefore in this work a UV curable PVB derivative was used as a binder in glass laminating systems. First PVB was modified with acryloyl chlo
Novel photocationic initiators for UV curable nanocoatings
Nanocomposite means a composite into which the filler exhibits one dimension in the “nanonometer” (10−9 m) scale. Composites of polymers and nanofillers have attracted increased attention recent years because of some superior engineering properties compared to neat polymer. Nanosized additives, used as low loadings, can significantly
Nitroxide Mediated PhotoPolymerization NMP2: the First Example
New alkoxyamines bearing a chromophore group linked to the aminoxyl function are proposed as new photoiniferters. These original compounds decompose under UV irradiation to generate the corresponding alkyl and nitroxide radicals. Laser Flash Photolysis and ESR experiments showed an efficient shortening of the excited state lifetimes
New Routes to Water-Based Radiation Curable Resins
Since the early nineties, water-based radiation curing technology has enjoyed an uninterrupted growth in the field of industrial coatings and this trend is expected to continue in the coming decade and to expand into new markets such as printing inks or field applied coatings. The major factors fuelling the growth of water-based radi
New Polyester Polyols for Energy Curable Ink Applications
Pigment dispersion resins for energy curable inks require excellent properties for pigment wetting, pigment dispersability and high pigment loading. In this study, two new polyols were developed, acrylated and evaluated in energy curable ink applications. These polyols have low viscosity handling ease and biorenewable content. Pigmen
New Generation Electron Beam Emitter and Laboratory Unit
A new generation of small highly compact e-beam emitters with an accelerating voltage range of 80 to 200 kV and treatment widths of up to 60cm is described. The new e-beam equipment features a sealed accelerator tube making vacuum pumping unnecessary. First applications are in surface sterilisation and in an e-beam laboratory unit.&n
Radical Photopolymerization in Miniemulsions
A novel photochemical means to convert acrylate monomer emulsions into polymer latexes has been explored using radical miniemulsion photopolymerization. Our aim is to offer a complete overview through a stepwise mechanistic investigation. This talk will address first the electronic excitation of the photoinitiator in monomer miniemul