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Electron Beam equipment in coating lines
by Werner Karmann, Beiersdorf AG - RadTech Europe Conference 1989Various types of electron accelerators have been developed for coating purposes. Although they have many common characteristics, there are significant differences of technical origin, especially in the performance range limits. The actual performance requirements a
Real-time monitoring of ultrafast curing by UV-radiation and Laser Beams
By C. Decker and K. Moussa, CNRS - RadTech Europe Conference 1989 An original technique, real-time infrared (RTIR) spectroscopy, has been developed to analyse in situ UV curing reactions occurring in a fraction of a second. Cure profiles were directly recorded and the important kinetic parameters were determined quantitatively.T
The Mechanisms of E.B. Curing of Thin Films
By R. Stephen Davidson and Susan A Wilkinson - RadTech Conference 1989It has been shown that e.b. curing of acrylates occurs via the attachment of slow electrons to the acrylate groups which subsequently give radical species leading to polymerisation. For epoxy oligomers to be cured by radiation it is advantageous if the formula
Matting of UV-Curing Coating Systems
By D. J. Kent, Grace GmbH - RadTech Europe Conference 1989The formulation of matt UV-curing coatings using modern matting agents is problematic primarily because of the high-solids nature of these systems.However, it has been shown that through careful formulation, UV-curing lacquers exhibiting good matting characteristics can be ach