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Formulation of UV cationic polymerizable mixtures for inkjet printing
The main purpose of this work was to prepare samples of UV cationic polymerizable mixtures suitable for inkjet printing and evaluation of their physical and chemical properties. Samples consisted of four types of monomers, the photoinitiator and the stabilizer. Monomers 3,4-epoxycyclohexylmethyl-3´,4´-cyclohexanecarboxylate; 1,4-cycl
Formulation for Efficient Matting in 100% UV-curable Coatings
A low gloss or matt effect is frequently a key feature or requirement of many coating materials applied to the surfaces of man-made objects or constructions. In traditional low to medium solids, solvent- and water-borne coatings film shrinkage resulting from the evaporation of volatile components and crosslinking or polymerisation re
Flammable Dusts – a little-known risk in UV sheetfed offset printing
The use of anti set-off spray powder in sheetfed offset printing offers manufacturing advantages, but at the same time the powder represents a health hazard when inhaled, it can cause accelerated wear and tear on machinery and it requires additional cleaning. Dust deposits can also increase the risk of fire and explosion. Joint
Field Applied UV Curable Coatings for Flooring
In the past five or so years, commercial UV curing has moved out of the factory and into the field, with numerous improvements in UV curing equipment pushing the transformation of this technology into the area that one calls Field Applied UV Curable Coatings.In these field applied UV curing applications, the substrate to be coated is stat
Excellent Matting and Haptic with New Additive from Renewable Resources
Key benefits of Natural Polymer:Soft feel like hapticHigh transparencyReduction of gloss
Epoxy Cationic Polymerization Under Soft Irradiations (Sunlight, Household Bulbs): The Interest of the Silyl Radical Chemistry
With the existing demand for green technologies, the development of photoinitiating systems for polymerization reactions under air and upon soft irradiation conditions (fluorescence bulbs, sunlight ...) is highly worthwhile. The recently developed silyl radical chemistry is presented here for the free radical promoted cationic polyme
Emphasis on UV/EB curable acrylate based adhesives
The need for cost efficient and environmental friendly processes has continuously increased during the past years. In this context, UV/EB technology is considered as an ideal alternative to conventional methods in a variety of applications including laminating adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA). Parameters such as the c
Electron Beam accelerators for new applications
The purpose of this presentation is to give an overview of the current state of industrial electron beam development. It is not possible to present all of the technical details which one might wish because of the need to protect the proprietary interests of the firms engaged in the production applications and technology development.