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A Cost Efficient, Global Solution for Flexographic UV Printing
In a first part, this paper analyses technical and economical advantages and drawbacks of standardflexographic printing practices using thermal drying of ink solvents or UV-curing of solventless inks technologies. In a second part, it proposes a technically efficient and cost effective global solution for flexographic printing implying an advanced
Role of Dimer Radical Cation and Radical in Polymerisation of 2,3-Dihydrofuran
Formation of distonic dimer radical cations, characterised by spatially separated charge and radical site, was observed in our previous studies with irradiated frozen Freon matrices containing vinyl ethers, 2,3-dihydrofuran (2,3-DHF) 2,3] and 2,3-dihydropyran 4J. Investigation of the transformations of dimer radical cations may be of general intere
Photopolymerization of Maleimide-1,3-Diketones
A critical component in photoinitiated polymerization is the photoinitiator (P1), which absorbs light efficiently and generates radicals and/or cations capable of initiating chain growth polymerization. Unfortunately, most currently used Pis are not completely consumed during the polymerization process. The cured formulations thus contain residual
Tiny Particles, Huge Effect - Performance Enhancement with Silica Nanocomposites
Highly transparent and low viscous silica nanocomposites (SNC) based upon standard, chemicallyunchanged acrylates and homogenously dispersed Si02-nanospheres (0 20 nm) cause a great improvement of numerous material properties like increase of scratch and abrasion resistance and highly reduced gas permeability. New results of a comprehensive study d
Stick!...UV Adhesion Characteristics on "difficult" Wood
The variety of wood species used in the production of Parquet and furniture is bewildering. Certain species are known to cause adhesion problems when UV coated. In the furniture and especially the parquet industry, where 95% or more, of pre-finished parquet is UV coated, this means that special attention must be given to a small number of problemat
UV curable Polysobutylene Oligomers for Photonic Application
A novel radiation curable photo-polymer comprised of a vinyl ether functional polyisobutylene oligomer is described. One-part formulations undergo UV cure in seconds through a cationic mechanism. The UV cured films exhibit mechanical flexibility, high moisture barrier, and good thermal / oxidative stability. Formulations with conventional vinyl eth
Growing up, Additive Processes in MEMS Fabrication and Packing
The most important growth-regulating factor in nature is light. What lies behind it has led to a true technological revolution. Growth induced by light has become the model for generative technologies. Besides the polymerization of organic substances, light has proven to be particularly suitable for the structured growth of inorganic structures. Li
Optomal Performance of UV Powders on Different Substrates by Combining Polyester and EPoxy Chemistry
Powder coating cured by ultraviolet light (UV powders) is a technology that combines the advantages of thermosetting powder coatings with those of liquid ultraviolet cure coating technology.The difference from standard powder coatings is that melting and curing are separated into two distinct processes : upon exposure to heat, UV curable powder coa