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Formulation Strategies For Uv Curable Adhesives. Photoinitiator And Light, Intensity Considerations
UV curable adhesives have enjoyed relatively rapid commercialgrowth within the last 10 years. Nevertheless, they typicallyconstitute a relatively small share of most marketareas, a situation which signifies that potential advantages are perceivednot to overcome their limitations. Recently, the strategy ofutilizing auxiliary dark cure processes to s
Uv-Curable, But How Good?
IntroductionNowadays the application of radiation—curing is quite common.Nobody is wondering about the development of the formulations.It is said very easily: mix a reactive diluent, a prepolymerand an initiator together for getting a lacquer or anoverprint varnish. Can you combine all sorts of initiatorswith the various binders (reactive diluents
Polymeric Photoinitiators For Fast Uv Curable Coatings, As Checked By Photo-Differential Calorimetry And Microwave Dielectrometry
IntroductionAdvanced polymeric materials for coating technology can be obtained both by improving resinformulations and by better controlling crosslinking and drying processes. The present tendency to produce tailor-made materials for specific applications makes essential theprediction of the relationships between molecular structure and properties
"A Clean Image" Environmental Aspects Of Uv In Print
INTRODUCTIONThe printing industry in the UK has been utilising UV,Radiation to cure inks ahd varnishes for the past 20 years.The technique is employed extensivey and major areas ofactivity include Food Packaging, Labels and Commercial print. Many hundreds of printing  houses use UV arid individual pressinstallations probably run into thousands
Aqueous Uv Curing Nc Dispersions As Lacquer Raw, Material For Coating Of Wooden Surfaces
IntroductionFurniture surfaces are usually treated with a protectinglacquer. In many parts of' the world 'peopledesire thatthe wooden surfaces keep their typical wooden structureand wooden appearance after lacquerings. This canbe obtained by an open—pore coating whereas a closed-porecoating depresses the wooden character and gives an ap—pearanceofa
Coldcure System: A New Generation of "Cold's UV Radiation Sources
        The light sources generally used for the polymerization of UV curable inks and paints in industrial processes are very different with respect to the method used to pump energy into the radiating medium, which in all cases is represented bya gas at very high temperature.    Pulsed Xenon
How To Understand Synergistic, Phenomena In The Photopolymerisation Of Pigmented Systems
1 IntroductionCuring of pigmented media (typically in the presence of titahiuth dioxide or coloured pigments) is mostly restricted to thin films and remains difficult, due to the high light absorption by the pigment, that is detrimental to the own absorption Of light by the photoinitiator. Much research work has been focused on this problem and bas