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Surface Energy Study of UV-Curable Patterned Surface Involved Nano Silica Treated with Perflourosilane
Wettability of a surface are characterized by the static contact angle, made between a water droplet and surface. A surface is hydrophilic if the contact angle is less than 90° and the surface is hydrophobic if the value of the contact angle is greater than 90°. Surfaces with the contact angle between 150° and 180° are called superhydrophobic. The
Achieving Adhesion to Difficult Metal and Plastic Substrates
Types of AdhesionRoutes to Modifying AdhesionFocus on Chemical AdhesionSummary
Polymeric Hydrogels Sythesized via Photopolymerisation and Photocrosslinking
Polymeric hydrophilic gels (polymeric hydrogels) are networks of polymer chains comprising a strong hydrophilic crosslinked structure [1]. Polymeric hydrogels can absorb and retain significant amounts of water (> 20 wt.%) within their structures without dissolving into the water [2]. Hydrogels are useful as scaffolds in tissue engineering applic
Control Release Additives and Peel Release Values of Silicone Release Coatings
Most release coatings are silicones, usually crosslinked PDMS-type materials. Silicones dominate the market: they have excellent anti-stick properties. These properties originate from the a low surface tension of silicones and flexibility of Si-O-Si bond.1 Industry uses test tapes to measure an important property of silicone release coatings or sil
Time-Resolved EPR Study of Singlet Oxygen in the Gas Phase
Singlet oxygen O2(1g) is an important intermediate in many photochemical and photobiological processes.1 The physical and chemical properties of O2(1g) have been the subject of extensive investigations during the last several decades, cf. e.g., ref. 2 for a review. At least a hundred of publications, numerous review articles, and books are devoted
Optimization of a photocyclic initiating system for visible light using of holographic recording and RT-FTIR experiments
Light induced polymerization reaction “photopolymerization” is employed in quite different technical applications that have become beneficial to humans. These applications include microelectronics, information technologies, optical fibers, dental materials, printing inks, paints, varnishes.Among these applications, photopolymer materials have revea
Storage Stable Thiol-Ene Formulations
The thiol-ene reaction was first suggested by Posner in 1905,1 but academic interest in this potential polymerization reaction remained relatively small, especially as compared to (meth)acrylate polymerization, until the last two decades. Interest in the thiol-ene reaction mechanism increased as distinct advantages over acrylate polymerization were
Influence of Silane Precursor Structure on Surface Properties of UV-curable Hybrid Clear Coatings
In the last few years the so called hybrid materials are the subject of many researches as new materials because of their peculiar properties. These materials provide to combine the high ductility and low temperature processing conditions of polymers with the outstanding properties of ceramics, such as hardness, high modulus and thermal stability a