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Low Odor Acrylated Silicones for SLA 3D Printing
A series of low odor acrylated silicones will be photo cured with both themselves and acrylated organic polymers. Their properties will be measured both during and after they cure and evaluated for 3D printing applications.
New Oligomers for 3D Printing Inks
The present work addresses a strong market demand for oligomers for 3D printing formulations. Structure-property relationships in a new family of oligomers will be discussed. Effect of oligomers on oxygen inhibition, coefficient of thermal expansion, heat distortion temperature, shrinkage, and color stability will be revealed. Some of the formulati
Photocurable Materials for 3D Printing
A talk on disruptive technology, market figures, technologies in additive manufacturing and UV=LED in additive manufacturing. As well as details on various testing results.
Conversion and shrinkage distribution in layer-bylayer-cured UV resin under oxygen inhibition - A model of 3D UV Inkjet Printing System
The 3D UV additive production system employs a photopolymerization to build up thin layers of a part of 3D-object.  We developed a one-dimensional mathematical model of the photopolymerization kinetics to elucidate the conversion of monomer and shrinkage.  The photopolymerization is likely inhibited by the oxygen from air.  An un-rea
Advances in Two-Photon Initiated Photopolymerization for Tissue Engineering Applications
The process of two-photon induced polymerization (2PP) enables free-form stereolithography with a resolution in the sub-micrometre range. Thus the production of 3D-printed parts containing arbitrary microscopic features, like photonic crystals, optical waveguides and microelectronic components, is possible. Since aqueous media and biological specim
3D Printing - An Overview
3D Printing - Additive Manufacturing An Introduction
Solutions to enhance performance of UV-LED and low energy curable systems
LED & Oxygen Inhibition Ways to overcome Oxygen Inhibition and achieve Surface Cure NEW solution for optimized performance.
Developments in UV LED equipment
Outline: MotivationEvaluation of UV radiationPossible LED powerEvaluation of LED systemsIST LED solutionsconclusions