14 October 2011
Year: 1989
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By P.J. -M. Manus, Union Carbide Europe S.A. - RadTech Europe Conference 1989

Cationic UV initiated polymerization is now a well established technology in the radiation curing market. Distinctive properties of cationic UV initiated polymerization include rapid cure response, absence of oxygen inhibition, post cure effect and high performance films. These characteristics have contributed to the development of the cationic technology for many end use applications.

This paper outlines the synergistic effect on film properties when multifunctional acrylates are incorporated to a cycloaliphatic epoxide/polycaprolactone polyol UV curing cationic system. Performance and properties resulting from these hybrid systems are confirmed by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (OSC) measurements.

Optimal cure and solvent resistance are achieved by the combination of a cycloaliphatic epoxide/triacrylate monomer with a dual photoinitiator system (triarylsulfonium salt and benzophenone). This approach constitutes a valid starting point formulation for industrial applications on plastics and metals.

1989 Conference Coating performances and formulation parameters of cationic systems
Author: P.J. -M. Manus | 19 pages

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