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Year: 2007
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This package contains all the presentations that were given at the RTE Conference 2007, held from 13 - 15 November 2007 in Vienna, Austria.

The theme of this conference was UB/EB - The Natural Choice

2007 Conference A Digital Solution to Formability for Industrial Inkjet Market
Author: D.S. Nagvekar | 6 pages
2007 Conference Advanced Photoinitiator Solutions for UV Ink Jet Applications
Author: S. Biry, A. Naisby & R. Telesca | 7 pages
2007 Conference Advanced Radiachromic Radiometry for UV Curing
Author: R.W. Stowe, J.W. Guarniere | 6 pages
2007 Conference Advancements in UV PlasmaCure Technology
Author: T. Jung, K. Studer, C. Lordelot, P. Simmendinger & W. Tobisch | 10 pages
2007 Conference Application of Inclusion Compounds to Photosensitive Diazo Compounds for Improvement of Photo and Thermal Decomp
Author: K. Harada, T. Taniai, M. Nakada, K. Matuda, S. Takahara & K. Sugita | 4 pages
2007 Conference Beyond REACH: Impact on downstream users and consumers
Author: G. Gribl | 13 pages
2007 Conference Biological Monitoring for Solvents and Multifunctional Acrylate Vapours in SME Printing Factories
Author: G.K. Edmondson, B. Kueter | 6 pages
2007 Conference Bridging the Gap: VOC Emissions and Coatings Science Analysis of Current and Future Coatings Technology Developm
Author: F. Busato | 1 pages
2007 Conference Chain-Propagation in Photopolymerization of DiFunctional Acrylate and Methacrylate Monomers
Author: M. Shirai, K. Mitsukura, H. Okamura | 6 pages
2007 Conference Coating of Decorative Papers with EB-Topcoats for the use as Laminate flooring
Author: B. Daetwyler | 10 pages
2007 Conference Comparative study of paints for wood application using life cycle inventory
Author: M.C.F.R. Oliveira & T.W. Song | 6 pages
2007 Conference Conductive UV Curable Adhesives for Printed RFID Antenna Structures
Author: T. Kowalik, S. Worch & A. Hartwig | 6 pages
2007 Conference Demonstrating Food Contact Compliance of UV initiators
Author: R. Veraart | 37 pages
2007 Conference Development of Hybrid Thiol-ene/Cationic Dual Photo- and Thermally Curable Systems
Author: R. Acosta, B. Puente, L.V. Cabello, L.Berlanga, R. Guerrero, A.E. Garcia & J. Cabello | 6 pages
2007 Conference Developments of Solid State UV Light Sources for InkJet Printing Applications
Author: R.P. Karsten | 6 pages
2007 Conference Digital Printing of Conductive Features for Printed Electronics and Display Applications
Author: P. Bentley | 1 pages
2007 Conference Direct-to-Metal UV Coatings: The Challenges and Solutions
Author: K.H. Joesel | 5 pages
2007 Conference Effects of Oligomer and Diluent Selection on the Performance of EB Cured Coatings
Author: J.K. Braddock, S. des Roches & D. Helsby | 9 pages
2007 Conference Excited State Properties and Molecular Modeling Investigation of 4-methylthiophenyl-2-Morpholinopropanone
Author: X Allonas, F. Morlet-Savary, C.Dietlin, J.Lalavee, J.P. Malval, J.P. Fouassier | 4 pages
2007 Conference Flame-Retardant Treatment of Cotton Fabrics Using a UV-Curable Phosphorous-Containing Monomer
Author: Y.K. Jeong, G.H. Koo, Y.G. Jeong, J. Jang | 6 pages
2007 Conference Free Radical Photoinitiators. Review and Primer
Author: W.A. Green | 1 pages
2007 Conference Guide to the Classification and Labelling of UV/EB Acrylates
Author: J. Schrot | 6 pages
2007 Conference High Water and Humidity Resistant UV-Curable Inks for Industrial Applications on Plastic Substrates
Author: F. Arrigoni, G. Rocco, M. Bianchi, F. Partito, V. Beretti | 5 pages
2007 Conference Hybrid Photoinitiator Based on Arene-Iron Complex and a-Hydroxy Alkyl Phenone
Author: B. Jasurek, J. Valis, T. Weidlich | 6 pages
2007 Conference Increase of Energy Efficiency of UV Curing Systems
Author: D. Jaegers | 3 pages
2007 Conference Inerted UV Tunnel for Wood Applications
Author: G. Rames-Langlade, C. Monzon | 5 pages
2007 Conference Influence of Different Wavelengths on the Local Polymerization in UV Coatings
Author: S. Pieke | 6 pages
2007 Conference Influence of Electron Beam on Some Polymeric Substrates Used in Flexible Packaging
Author: I. Rangwalla | 23 pages
2007 Conference Influence of Photoinitiator's Architecture on the Shrinkage of Acrylic PSA
Author: R. Milker, M. Wesolowska | 13 pages
2007 Conference Influence of Wetting and Dispersing Additives on Rheology and Efficiency of Silica Matting Agents
Author: P. Lenz | 27 pages
2007 Conference Ink Bonding Properties of Electron Beam Cured Adhesive Laminates for Flexible Packaging
Author: S.C. Lapin | 6 pages
2007 Conference Innovative UV Inert System - Benchmark for UV Newspaper Printing
Author: L. Hahne, F. Knopf | 5 pages
2007 Conference Innovative UV-dose Indicator Formulations for Curing Control of Coatings
Author: K. Studer, C. Lordelot, T. Jung, K. Dietliker, U. Lehmann, P. Simmendinger, S. Villeneuve | 6 pages
2007 Conference Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Various Industrial Wood Surface Coatings
Author: L.M. Tufvesson | 1 pages
2007 Conference Low Odor/Low Extractable Energy Curable Acrylates for Food Packaging Applications
Author: V.W. Stone, F. Bergiers, L. Boutreau, P. Gevaert, D. Michiels, T. Randoux | 5 pages
2007 Conference Low Temperature UV curing for Heat Sensitive Substrates
Author: D. Pelling | 41 pages
2007 Conference New Derivatives of Covalently linked Benzophenone-Amine based Photoinitiators
Author: S. Jauk, R. Liska | 7 pages
2007 Conference New Method of Stabilization of Sol-Gel-Nanoparticles in Dual-Cure-Formulations
Author: Y. Wilke, V. Stenzel, A. Brinkmann | 6 pages
2007 Conference New Multi Purpose Laboratory Electron Beam Equipment
Author: B. Laurell, E. Foll | 15 pages
2007 Conference New Raw Materials for Low-Emission Coating and Ink Formulations
Author: S. Villeneuve, K. Studer, J.L. Birbaum, E. Brendle, S. Ilg | 7 pages
2007 Conference New simple system of UV lamp process control for flexible packaging printers
Author: R. Sion, J. Raymont | 27 pages
2007 Conference New Sulfonium Salt based Photoinitiators for Cationic Photopolymerization
Author: M. Hoefer, C. Heller, R. Liska | 7 pages
2007 Conference New UV-Curable High Refractive Index Oligomers
Author: A. Nebioglu, J.A. Leon, I.V. Khudyakov | 6 pages
2007 Conference New Visible Light Photointiators for Dental Materials
Author: B. Ganster, N. Moszner, U.K. Fischer, V. Rheinberger, R. Liska | 8 pages
2007 Conference NIR Spectroscopy as Powerful Tool for Process Control in UV Curing
Author: T. Scherzer, M.R. Buchmeiser, A. Volland, H. Lucht | 12 pages
2007 Conference Novel Acrylated Building Blocks for UV Curable Polyurethane Dispersions
Author: H. Bernquist, D. James, K. Ekvall, P. Wennerberg, K. Sorensen | 6 pages
2007 Conference Novel Electron Transfer Photoinitiators for Free Radicals Polymerization
Author: B. Jedrzejewska, J. Kabatc, J. Paczkowski | 7 pages
2007 Conference Novel Photolatent Amines: Expanding the Scope of Photolatent Base Technology
Author: K. Dietliker, K. Misteli, K. Studer, C. Lordelot, T. Jung, J. Benkhoff, E. Sitzmann | 8 pages
2007 Conference Novel Reactive Liquid Acrylic Polymer
Author: Nakamura | 5 pages
2007 Conference Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Coatings Based on Sol-Gel Chemistry and Photopolymerization Process
Author: C. Croutxe-Barghorn, D.L. Versace, A. Chemtob | 5 pages
2007 Conference Organoclay-Epoxidized Oil Acrylate UV Curable Coatings
Author: N. Jiratumnukul, P. Manowanna, N. Premmag | 6 pages
2007 Conference Organometallic Complexes as Initiators for UV Printing Inks
Author: J. Valis, B. Jasurek, K. Remenarova, T. Weidlich | 6 pages
2007 Conference Photochemical Reaction and Physical Property of Certain Novel Dendritic Polymers with Methacryloyl Groups
Author: T. Nishikubo, H. Kudo, K. Maruyama | 5 pages
2007 Conference Photochemical reactivity of difunctional radical photoinitiators
Author: C. Dietlin, J. Lalevee, X. Allonas, J.P. Fouassier, M. Visconti, G. Li Bassi, G. Norcini | 6 pages
2007 Conference Photoinitiator-Free Daylight Curing of Maleimide Functional Coatings
Author: L.G.J. van der Ven, K.J. van den Berg, E. Benningshof-Hulsbos | 7 pages
2007 Conference Photoinitiators with Bathochromic Shift
Author: R. Liska, B. Ganster, C. Heller, M. Hoefer, S. Kopeinig, E. Hummer, N. Moszner | 7 pages
2007 Conference Photopolymerization in the Presence of Ionic Liquids
Author: E. Andrzejewska, I. Stepniak, M. Podgorska | 6 pages
2007 Conference Photorheometry:; A Tool for Characterizing High-Performance Adhesives and Coatings
Author: J.D. Schall, A.F. Jacobine, J.G. Woods, R.N. Coffey | 5 pages
2007 Conference Polymeric Molecules for Use as Photoinitiators for UV Curing of Acrylates
Author: D.G. Anderson, K. Harper, A.T. Rose | 7 pages
2007 Conference Practical Approach Predicting Lithographic Properties of UV Curing Offset Inks in Laboratory Scale
Author: H. Hohtari | 16 pages
2007 Conference Preparation and Characterization of Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Nanostructured UV-Cured Coatings
Author: M. Sangermano, E. Amerio, G. Malucelli, R. Bongiovanni, A. Priola | 6 pages
2007 Conference Print-Applied UV-Curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Industrial Graphics Requiring High Temperature
Author: J. Warmkessel | 6 pages
2007 Conference Process Design of UV Coatings: PTE Diagrams
Author: R. Schwalm, W. Schrof, N. Gruber | 6 pages
2007 Conference Prospects and Perspectives on the Asian Radiation Curing Industry
Author: P. De Micheli | 11 pages
2007 Conference Radiation Curable Hyperbranched Polyester Acrylates
Author: J.A. Klang | 6 pages
2007 Conference Recycling of Paper with UV inks and coatings
Author: J. Ringman | 17 pages
2007 Conference Refractive Index Patterning of Polymeric Waveguide Materials
Author: R. Infuehr, N. Pucher, C. Heller, H. Lichtenegger, V. Schmidt, V. Satzinger, L. Kuna, A. Haase, J. Stampfl, R. Liska | 7 pages
2007 Conference Screen Printing UV Exposure Scenarios
Author: M. Schless, H.A. Buescher | 21 pages
2007 Conference Securing Ink Adhesion in UV Printing Flexography for Food Packaging
Author: P. Cocolios | 6 pages
2007 Conference Self-Initiation of UV Curing Reactions with Brominated Acrylates
Author: T. Scherzer, S. Naumov, W. Knolle, C. Elsner, M.R. Buchmeister | 10 pages
2007 Conference Simulation Software for an Efficient Layour of 3D-UV Curing Processes
Author: K. Rother, M. Schneider, J. Okamitsu, S. Gotthold | 8 pages
2007 Conference Singlet Oxygen Reactive Components for Radiation Curable Formulations
Author: M. Hoefer, N. Moszner, R. Liska | 7 pages
2007 Conference Study the Effect of Type and Concentration of Multifunctional Acrylate Monomers on UV Cured Epoxy Acrylate Resin
Author: P. Karder, M. Ebrahimi, S. Bastani, Z. Ranjbar, Kh. Moradi | 9 pages
2007 Conference Surface Modification of PET fabrics via Photografting and Sol-Gel Processing
Author: J.A. Son, W. Huang, J. Jang | 6 pages
2007 Conference Surface Photografting and Metalization of Polypropylene
Author: P. Esfandian, L. Spoljaric-Lukacic, T. Koch, A. Limbeck, W.. Werner, S. Knaus | 7 pages
2007 Conference Synergy or Enemy - a Basic Dilemma
Author: P. Kelly, A. Little, C. Bell | 6 pages
2007 Conference Synthesis and Evaluation of Eosin-based Photoinitiators with Improved Migration Stability
Author: M. Schuster, M. Sandholzer, F. Varga, C. Slugovc, R. Liska | 7 pages
2007 Conference The Behaviour of Barton Esters as Radical Photoinitiators
Author: C. Dietlin, X. Allonas, F. Morlet-Savary, J.P. Fouassier, M. Visconti, G. Norcini, S. Romagnano | 6 pages
2007 Conference The Characteristics of Whiteboard Produced by EB Radiation Curing in Continuos Coil Coating Line
Author: J. Yoon, Y. Chung, D. Steel, K. Takashi, M. Akutsu, K. Sakamoto, G. Cashew | 6 pages
2007 Conference The Effect of UV Powder Functionality on the Network Formation
Author: F. Williams, J.M. Armengol, E. Grau, V. Decomble, C. Chambat | 11 pages
2007 Conference The Integrated Pollution Prevention
Author: P. Tempany | 6 pages
2007 Conference The Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive
Author: P. Tempany | 6 pages
2007 Conference The New Frontier: Waterborne UV Coatings for Plastics
Author: J. Weikard, E. Luehmann, S. Sommer | 6 pages
2007 Conference The Use of Amine Synergists for Low Odor and Low Migration Applications
Author: J. Oliver | 1 pages
2007 Conference The UV.EB European Market: Opportunities and Worries
Author: R. Bottacchiari | 8 pages
2007 Conference Urethane Acrylates from Dimer acid Based Derivatives
Author: E. Honcoop, W. Geuking, H. Ridderikhoff | 4 pages
2007 Conference Use of Remote Curing for Probing the Effects of Humidity on the Cationic Curing of Epoxides
Author: R.S. Davidson, K.S. Tranter | 6 pages
2007 Conference Using a New Approach to Analyze A Depth Profile of Double Bond Conversion in Model Formulations
Author: R. Bao, S. Joensson | 6 pages
2007 Conference UV Coat: Durable and Innovative Finishing of Textile using UV-Technology
Author: M. van Parys | 7 pages
2007 Conference UV Coil Coating - Importance of Thermal Treatment
Author: T. Bergman, P.E. Sundell, P. Keil, G. Grundmeier, M. Schatzl, M. Heylen, K. Sundberg, A. Alanen, M. Rosenberg, K. Suutarinen, J. Lamminmaeki, L.M. Aikas | 5 pages
2007 Conference UV Curable Polyurethane Dispersions: a VOC Compliant High Performance Solution for Indoor and Outdoor Wood
Author: M. Heylen, M. Vasconi, J.P. Bleus | 6 pages
2007 Conference UV Curing and Matting of Nano/Micro Composite Materials
Author: F. Bauer, U. Decker, R. Flyunt, R. Mehnert, R. Schubert, M.R. Buchmeiser | 6 pages
2007 Conference UV Film Technology as an Alternative to Conventional Coating Application
Author: N. Gruber, E. Beck, C. Hoben, O. Lafuente, K. Menzel, R. Schwalm | 7 pages
2007 Conference UV Pigmented Wood Finishes Based on Waterborne Acrylic Dispersions
Author: J. Albalat, C. Font, J.Y. Loze | 6 pages
2007 Conference UV technology for the Coil Coating Industry
Author: O. Starzmann | 3 pages
2007 Conference UV-Curable Electrically Conductive Flexo Ink
Author: R. Oldenzijl | 6 pages
2007 Conference UV-Curable PFPE (Meth)acrylates: A New Class of UV-Curable Resins
Author: T. Trombetta, P. Pollone, A. Zompatori, G. Vezzulli | 6 pages
2007 Conference UV-Curable Polyurethane Dispersions
Author: E. Honcoop, W. Geuking, H. Ridderikhoff | 6 pages
2007 Conference UV-LEDs - Survey of a New Emerging Technology
Author: B. Brandl | 4 pages
2007 Conference Water Soluble Bisacylphosphine Oxides for the Photopolymerisation of Acidic Aqueous Dental Formulations
Author: B. Ganster, G. Ullrich, U. Salz, N. Moszner, R. Liska | 7 pages

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