21 June 2013
Year: 2013
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Powder coating (and the relevant commercial advantages) has been used for more than 50 years with great economic and ecological improvements. Its application technology has continuously developed, reaching a level that nowadays allows obtaining colour changes – therefore, internally cleaning the booth – in only 90 seconds. On the contrary, since then, powder coating polymerization has always been carried out in ovens with hot air, whose temperature can vary from 130°C-140°C up to more than 200°C: always with remarkable operating costs due to the continuous increase in prices of methane gas for heating purposes.

Powder manufacturing engineers have long been searching for suitable solutions to reduce, as much as possible, the percentage of incidence of coating energy costs (considering the cost of the powder coating operation as 100, 57% comes from the consumption of methane gas for oven heating and power to move the plant). We were tempted by infrared (IR) radiation polymerization, with some success, that I would like to consider.


Article supplied by: Danilo O. Malavolti - President of Association of Industrial Coaters

2013 Innovations in powder coatings
Author: Danilo O. Malavolti - Anver & Alessandro Barzoni e Tullio Rossini - Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings | 9 pages

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