14 October 2011
Year: 1989
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By Aldo Priola, Giuseppe Gozzelino, Universita di Messina, Politecnico di Torino - RadTech Europe Conference 1989

In this work the influence of irradiation and curing conditions on some properties of UV cured films was investigated. As starting materials two types of acrylic products, namely bisphenol-A-dihydroxyethyl-diacrylate and bisphenol—A-diglycidyl-ether-diacrylate, chosen as examples of slow and fast curing systems, were used. Firstly the curing kinetics were evaluated for the two systems in 2 and air by means of FTIR spectroscopy.

Moreover the actual temperature variation, at the polymer-substrate interface , during the curing process, was continuously monitored by means an iron-constantan thermocouple system. Such temperature variations were measured for the two types of resins in different conditions. Finally dynamic-mechanical properties of the films, cured in different conditions, were evaluated allowing to obtain informations on the curing process. The different results obtained were compared in order to deep the knowledge of the actual behavior of these systems during the curing process.

1989 Conference Influence of irradiation conditions on the properties of UV cured films
Author: Aldo Priola, Giuseppe Gozzelino | 11 pages

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