28 November 2011
Year: 2011
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Laminated glasses are generally produced with a time, energy consuming and a complicated process by using polyvinyl butyral (PVB). For economic and energetic reasons, a much more efficient process is needed. Therefore in this work a UV curable PVB derivative was used as a binder in glass laminating systems. First PVB was modified with acryloyl chloride and then mixed with epoxy or urethane acrylates and different acrylic precursors. The formulations were applied between two glasses and cured under UV light for 5 minutes. Thus, a very fast, easy to process and an efficient glass lamination system was prepared. The effect of PVB percentage on the mechanical properties of the coatings were investigated. And also for comparison, semi-interpenetrating networks (IPNs) were prepared by using neat PVB. The modified PVB showed an excellent adhesion to the glass substrates. The results show that this novel modified PVB resin is a promising material for photo curable glass laminating systems.

Keywords: glass lamination; PVB; UV curable; acrylic







2011 Conference Novel Photocurable PVB Resin for Glass Lamination
Author: C. Macit, E. Çakmakçı, A. Güngör | 8 pages

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