28 November 2011
Year: 2011
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In last years Lamberti is betting on a class of photoinitiators called difunctional; three main photoinitiators belong to this class: LFC 1861 (Type I photoinitiator), LFC1001 (Type II photoinitiator) and LFC 2098 (Co-initiator). The several positive characteristics they have, suggested us to improve studies and development of these class of photoinitiators. The fundamental and interesting advantage is that the byproducts developed during the photocuring process minimize the unwanted characteristics of monofunctional photoinitiators, such as migration of the parent compounds and of their photodecomposition derivatives: we can prepare low migration formulation particularly suitable for food packaging application. In this work byproduct due to photolysis of this products are presented.

2011 Conference Photoinitiator’s byproducts: all that you’ve always wanted to know (and never asked)
Author: E. Bellotti | 6 pages

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