23 May 2012
Year: 2012
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A critical component in photoinitiated polymerization is the photoinitiator (P1), which absorbs light efficiently and generates radicals and/or cations capable of initiating chain growth polymerization. Unfortunately, most currently used Pis are not completely consumed during the polymerization process. The cured formulations thus contain residual P1 and photocleavage products, which to some extent affect coating properties. Volatile photocleavage products can contribute to odour development, photoproducts with a residual absorption in the same spectral range as the P1 may contribute to yellowing processes, and also migration of low-molecular compounds has been shown as a technical problem in some 1 Over the last years, the concern about the P1 and photocleavage products which remain in cured formulations has therefore been a driving force for various attempts to develop photopolymerizing systems with a low P1 content or even completely eliminate PIs from UVcurable formulations.

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