28 November 2011
Year: 2011
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With the increased use of low voltage electron beam accelerators for curing coatings, inks, laminating adhesives and crosslinking films for packaging applications, there is an increased demand to accurately, quickly and easily measure the required dose delivered to the product. To meet this demand, Energy Sciences collaborated with Spectra Group Ltd. and has developed a quick and easy method to characterize the output of these accelerators accurately using EB Fast Check V2 strips. These strips are very easy to handle, read by a small color densitometer, and are fit for industrial use. They are not affected by temperature and humidity. These fast check strips are traceable to NIST via calibration through ASTM compliant standard dosimetry techniques. Details of the performance of these fast check strips in terms of repeatability, reliability in evaluating these low voltage EB accelerators will be discussed.

2011 Conference Quick and Easy Way to Characterize Low Voltage (80-125 kV) EB Accelerators Using Fast Check Strips
Author: Oleg Grinevich & Alex Mejiritski | 9 pages

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