5 June 2009
Year: 2009
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Photopolymerization presents a key technique to prepare coatings and films in a time and cost effective, as well as environmentally friendly way. Formulations, that find application here, often contain multifunctional acrylates due to their high reactivity. The most important role in a given formulation plays the photoinitiator (PI), being responsible for the curing speed, double bond conversion and thus final properties of the polymer. Unfortunately, the use of PIs also poses several disadvantages. The storage stability of the formulations can be limited by thermal decomposition of the PI. Furthermore, photoproducts of the PI in the cured polymer might modify the properties of the cured material, resulting in odor, discoloration or migration effects.

2009 Conference Selfinitiating Monomers based on Acrylamides
Author: C. Dworak | 7 pages

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