3 May 2012
Year: 1999
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Radiation-cured coatings comprise one of the so-called 'high
technology' techniques which are basically concerned with high-solids
technology, the main processes having been developed to such a degree
that several lines using these techniques have been in commercial use
for many years. The other 'high tech' processes include water-borne
systems, high solids coatings, powder coatings and reactive systems.
Radiation-curing is based on the application of a coating mixture to
the substrate which is then bombarded either with electrons or with
ultra-violet rays to produce instantaneous polynerisation.

The basic systems of UV and EB curing are similar, with certain
differences between the two methods. UV-curing requires the use of
expensive photoinitiators that are not necessary with EB-curing,
although UV equipment can readily be installed at the end of a
conventional production line. This is not the case with EB-curing
where it is usual for more expensive custom-built production lines to
be installed.

1999 Conference The Growth Of The Market For Uv/Eb Cured Coatings In Europe To 2010
Author: J.P. Howard | 14 pages

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