29 November 2011
Year: 2011
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Currently, the way the curing of coatings by UV radiation is considered one of the most promising. The advantages of this method are: relatively high performance, low power consumption, small size equipment. However, curing by UV radiation is applicable to a limited number of paints. It is used mainly for obtaining coatings of materials that can solidify through polymerisation reaction. The principle of cure is based on the ability of UV light to initiate polymerization of oligomeric materials. The energy of UV radiation is quite high - 12.3 eV, which is 2-4 times higher energy beams of visible light. This allows for the curing of coatings with a satisfactory rate at room temperature. For effective curing of coatings preferably long-wave radiation (315-380 nm).

2011 Conference Way to increase the protective characteristics of anti-corrosion coatings UV-curing paints
Author: O.S.Aykasheva, O.E. Babkin, L.A. Babkina, A.Y. Silkina, S.V.Proskuryakov, A.G.Esenovsky | 7 pages

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