3 May 2012
Year: 2012
Price: 10.00

In the last 5 years non satisfactory properties and high costs were the main
arguments against the use of waterborne UV-curable resins in an industrial

To overcome the quality problems with a new generation of waterborne resins it is
of course necessary to know the state of the art in the marked to be entered; what
technical requirements have to be fulfilled in the wood coating segment:

* all kinds of low viscosity applications must be possible (especially spraying
and vacuum techniques)
* excellent reactivity
* high chemical resistance (DIN 68861, 1B) and satisfactory flexibility
only low yellowing effects (sometimes good weatherability is also requested)
early and good sandability
primer and topcoat should be based on the same lacquer
* good stackability
* different gloss grades can be easily achieved
* closed and open pore coatings are possible
* easy repairing of already coated surfaces
* cold check stability

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