Essential Practical advice to companies using or planning to use UV printing

1. The Uvitech Project

The Uvitech project is a notable example of European member states working together to solve common problems in the printing industry. The programme was funded under the European Commission’s "Growth Programme".

2. The Objective of the Uvitech Project

This project was aimed at addressing the inequality found in the printing industry experienced by SME printers over the introduction of UV curing technology. Printers are aware of the economic and technical advantages of this technology, as well as the safety implications of using polymer systems containing acrylates. The aim was to assess the risks, using high-quality measurements, from inkfly produced from UV printing and compare it with other risks associated from this type of printing.

3. Project’s Findings

The data generated from this work were used to provide expert guidance via pan-European generic risk assessment protocols and dissemination via a major conference for the safe use of UV curing technology. The findings of this project have been combined into two matrixes:

  • A Health and safety Risk Assessment Matrix
  • An Environmental impact Assessment Matrix

The two matrixes form a comprehensive source of information for the safe use of UV curing technology related to the printing industry and to some degree contrasts these to the risks involved with traditional inks. This was the main aim of the project.

4. Projects Benefits

The findings of this extensive study into the practices of the printing industry in SME’s in Europe is essential reading for any company involved in printing or intending to set up a change of process to involve UV curing. It identifies the hazards and offers practical advice on how to minimise the risks associated with printing both with UV and conventional inks. You cannot afford to operate in today’s health and environmentally conscious world without taking on the recommendations from this work.

Full results of the 2006 Uvitech Project are available for members only.