In industrial manufacturing, short cycle times and a fast, reliable production process is critical.

Between the beginnings in the 50s when light-curing adhesives were mainly used in the furniture industry, through the first boom in the field of printing inks in the 70s, up to today’s high-tech applications in a wide variety of industries, lies a rapid development which is still in progress. Therefore, adhesives cured by light have become indispensable for many users.

Curing of adhesives with UV light or visible light is a photo-chemical process. Therefore, adhesives cured by radiation are also called photoinitiated-curing adhesives. In the family of photoinitiated-curing adhesives, one distinguishes between two basically dissimilar basis materials (acrylates and epoxy resins) and the reaction mechanisms associated with them. In their liquid state, radial-curing acrylates as well as cationically polymerizing epoxies provide a multitude of properties to ensure simple and reliable handling.

Examples of use:

  • Bonding of miniature loudspeakers in cell phones
  • Bonding of automotive cameras
  • Dam&Fill chip encapsulation
  • Bonding of ONSERT connection elements
  • Bonding and sealing of automotive sensors
  • Optical bonding: Bonding of touch panel displays of iPhones and iPads
  • Aluminum door hinges for glass shower enclosures
  • Bonding of electric motors

 Advantages of the light-curing adhesives:

  • Simple and reliable process thanks to one-component nature (no mixing system necessary -> no mixing errors)
  • Fast curing in just seconds (short cycle times)
  • Curing without adding temperature (energy-saving) -> Processing of temperature-sensitive components
  • ″Curing on demand″ -> Adhesive only cures after being irradiated with light) -> Precise positioning and fixing of the components to be bonded
  • Curing also in shadowed areas (disparate product types with second curing mechanism)
  • Solvent-free -> Environmentally friendly and health-friendly
  • High reliability
  • Outstanding visual appearance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Simple transport and storage