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BYK-3568 brings greater individuality to the automotive industry
Visually attractive, optimally protected, and outstanding to the touch – these are essential demands on automotive OEM coatings. And yet, in recent years, this performance profile has moved more and more towards individualization, such as with two-colored applications, for example. Long gone are the days when the only decision needed when buying a vehicle was between silver, black or white – individuality is now trumps.
Perstorp strengthens the portfolio with Isononanoic Acid
Specialty chemicals innovator Perstorp expands its value proposition for its selected segments Engineered Fluids and Resins & Coatings with the addition of Isononanoic Acid to the portfolio.
hubergroup presents a system solution for faster offset printing
How can we print even faster? This question plays an important role in pressrooms. Press speeds of up to 20,000 sheets per hour are now possible in packaging and commercial printing, but they often lead to a critical ink-water balance. At the same time, job volumes are getting smaller and smaller, so a stable production with fast control response is important. To meet these changing market requirements, hubergroup Print Solutions is now launching PERFECT-DRY-FIX, a fountain solution additive that is suitable for both conventional and UV offset printing. PERFECT-DRY-FIX enables smooth operation and high quality even at high printing speeds. In addition, the new fountain solution additive is optimally matched to the already established ECO-PERFECT-DRY ink series, which hubergroup has also developed specifically for fast printing.
CERAFLOUR 1001 and CERAFLOUR 1002: sustainability par excellence
The subject of sustainability in product development has enjoyed a high status in almost all areas of the economy for several years. In addition to the product's direct properties and effects, questions related to environmental impact, chemical basis and energy consumption frequently also play a significant role.
Perstorp recruits Patrice Pinsard as EVP Strategic Markets & Innovation
Perstorp is excited to announce that Patrice Pinsard has been appointed EVP Strategic Markets & Innovation as of October 18, where he will drive value creation and growth focusing on Perstorp’s portfolio of specialty chemicals.
IGM Resins to ensure continued security of photoinitiator supply to the UV industry through its Mortara production site in Italy
IGM Resins, as the leading global provider of energy curing raw material solutions, today confirms that it will continue to supply its photoinitiators to the UV industry through its increasingly China-independent manufacturing site in Mortara, Italy. By contrast, many other industry peers will face significant disruption to their supply chains and manufacturing operations in the coming months, as China implements tighter environmental controls on energy-intensive industries.
Perstorp Potassium Formate: now an EU-registered fertilizer
Perstorp Potassium Formate (PoFO) is now registered as a fertilizer, fulfilling the requirements outlined in EC 2002/2003. With this EU registration Perstorp makes it easier for farmers to improve both crop quality and yields as there is no longer a need for local raw material registration when using PoFo based fertilizers, like Amicult™ K 42.
BYK Additive Guide app: new design – new technology – more functions
BYK has transformed its well-known Additive Guide into an even more user-friendly and informative Additive Guide app. The fresh design comes with new technology and enhanced functionalities for users.