3 September 2020

BYK-3480 and BYK-3481, both of which have perfect properties for significantly reducing static surface tension and defoaming in water-based systems, were recently honored by Ringier with the “Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2020” in the “Coatings Industry” category.

Worldwide, the invariable trend in all applications is more and more towards waterbased and low-VOC coating systems. Increasingly, the challenge is to branch out in the field of general industrial coatings with high gloss and low film build on mostly non-polar substrates. In addition, the aim is to allow for good surface wetting on metal substrates which are often impure or even have oily contaminations. BYK-3480, especially recommended for pigmented systems, and BYK-3481, ideally suited for clear coats, provide the perfect product profile in water-based systems to fulfil these requirements.

Compared to traditional silicone surfactant-based products, these two BYK additives are silicone surfactants for water-based systems with good defoaming properties. They can be used in any aqueous system, e.g. two-pack PU, two-pack epoxy, styrene acrylic emulations, water-based baking systems, water-based UV systems. The two additives thus offer a balanced property package: defoaming, substrate wetting, and leveling at the same time.

After receiving the award, He Ji Dong, BYK Greater China Business Line Manager Paint Additives, commented on the accolade: “In response to the increased demands posed by the need for compliance with legal provisions and by environmental concerns, the coatings industry is speeding up efforts to develop water-based, low-emission, and other forms of environmentally friendly systems. There is therefore huge potential in the demand for water-based products with unique properties. And both BYK-3480 and BYK-3481 are examples of how such demands can be met.”